Thursday, May 19, 2005

What is the Glen Renyolds Memo?

Nobody loves war. That's why we trusted our Motherland and parents to make it so that we never had to work (of course, not by giving us enough of their hard earned cash, but by building a government that gave us the spoils after eliminating the rich and their property). We never had to fight, thus freeing up time for a daily game of grab-ass.

Anyway, two years after the start of the Iraq War, on March 20, 2003, Americans are just learning that the god of all blogers, Glen Renyolds, had access to secret government documents, posted on the internet, that PROVED that the president and his administration, and the Senate, the House, and the Supreme Court were planning a war with Iraq.

Amazingly, friends of the majority, this happened 3 days PRIOR to the amazing meeting documented here:

Amazing no? Im still grasping for some way of explaining this amazing coincidence in historical terms.

Regardless of politics, all Amerikkkans should ask themselves: Was I misled? What does this mean? Why is there some mans hand on my privates? Was all of this absolutely necessary? Why would they need a plan? Or is Glen just a land owning hack?

How the WMD debacle wasn't in good faith...mostly because we say it wasn't.

Newsweek is merely a great collective of journalists that made a tiny mistake, while the greatest mistake in History was made by the War Criminal Bush. The Check out the latest from the Politburo:

Sup Crackers?